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Happiness and sadness are two sides of the same coin. They are part of life which comes and go in a blast but doesn’t stay permanently in a person’s life. Life is anything that we feel about society or life is a particular way of living. It can be defined based on one’s experience that you have.

It has two coins that are the good and the bad aspect. There are the tortures of life and a good time of life. It gives us a deceiver enjoyment that one has to be careful with the decisions they make when they are on the good side of life. The reason for that is that happiness does not stay forever. It comes in a blast and goes away until another good day.

At this point where one is happy, one should know that suddenly he is on his day. That is what life is all about. It is either you benefit or lose.

During the happy time, we expect decisions like wealth, marriage, naming ceremony, success in examination, etc. These are the things that bring smiles in the faces of people who are experiencing that situation at that moment.

The Other Hand Of Life (sadness)

The other hand of life is sadness. Just before one becomes happy one has to go into a lot of torturing to face the other side of life. During this times it’s left onto the people to be faithful or patiently wait for the other side to come but one amazing thing is that during this hard times people turn to ask a lot of questions or blame God because of the suffering they are going through instead of them to be patient and wait for God’s time. They end up putting blames on their fellow humans that they are responsible for the suffering they are going through. At that moment life becomes tough but one must understand that life has two sides.


The sad moments of life are poverty, death, bad omen, barrenness, failure in examination, etc. One should understand that these are all part of life and for that matter, we must endure them.

Sadness does not stay forever, do when you are in the moment of sadness, know that your time of happiness will surely come. Putting this in your mind will keep you encouraged and have a positive mindset when waiting.

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By Nathaniel

Nathaniel Cobbinah is a student and a blogger.

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